You just arrived with your friends at the mansion on that lovely small island. It had been years since you gathered to spend a week-end like this together!

Sadly, something fishy is going on. Probably because of the unpredicted bad weather. Or so you thought until you found the dead body of one of your friend, bathing in his blood…
There’s no one else around but your friends, and you are stuck there without any contact with the rest of the world – it seems one of you didn’t consider your friendship as shiny as you did. Question is, who ?
Gather the clues around in the mansion, share with your friends to try and stop the murderer, and above all, trust no one.

Hell. It could even be you !

Game Availability (Beta: Early 2021)


Virtual Reality

Enter an immersive mansion with your VR HMD (Oculus & Steam VR).


Play with your friends and find who’s the sneakiest.

Killer, Cops & Innocents

Killers have to kill every Innocents/Cops to win the game and vice versa. Innocents will not know who Killers are and will have to conduct their investigations to stop them.

Fast paced

Allow you to play many games with different roles.

Easy to play

Game concept are easy to understand.


All game parameters are customisable so you’re free to create your own rules.


Enter an intriguing mansion filled with a special family history and many secret ways to use to your advantage.